A Simple Guide to Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawns and gardens bring pride to many people. A beautiful, lush, sprawling lawn shows just how much a person cares about where they live. Large lawns can be a very big responsibility. Often, lawns that are about the size of a golf course must be maintained with the help of a professional landscaper or lawn and garden maintenance provider.

. Smaller lawns, however, are something anyone can take care of maintaining on their own.

The first step is to set a schedule for each task that needs to be done. It is important to know the prioritization of the tasks for garden plants as well the tasks involved in the care of your lawn. Here are some tips that will help you maintain and care for your lawn so that it is always a beautiful reflection of your own sense of pride.


• Regular watering, mowing, and trimming of grasses are essential along with weeding. These chores are easy to keep up with using gas-powered lawn mowers and electronic sprinkler systems. Using these tools, it takes much less time to mow and water the lawn.

• Make use of mowing borders. Mowing borders keep grass from growing in areas where a lawn mower cannot reach. Place them along walls, fences, flowerbeds and anywhere else where a mower would have trouble getting around. With the borders in place, you can pass the mower right up to their edges so that you can keep all grass in the yard the same height, easily. This is a great way to save time. You do not have to return to these areas later to hand trim any missed blades of grass.

• Always make use of good fertilizers Organic fertilizers are highly recommended. These types of fertilizers are effective as well as safe for you, your family and the environment.

• Spread mulch around trees and shrubs. It saves you from having to clip any grass that may end up growing near these trees by hand. You can avoid having to hand trim these grasses by simply adding a 4-inch deep circle of mulch. This also protects any of your freshly planted trees and shrubs. If you like, you can place a plastic, brick or metal border around the mulch.

• To solve the problem of bald patches on your lawn, reseed and regrow the same type of grass or use foliage to cover it up. This process involves some work and can take time. The results of newly grown grass or new plants is well worth it for the beautiful look it restores to your garden area.