Benefits Of Indoor Gardening

With various homemaking and home decorating trends that come and go, it is easy to wonder if indoor gardening is just one of them. After all, do the benefits really outweigh the cost and the effort of growing plants in a small space? Let us look at some of the things that indoor gardening can do for you.

Source Of Kitchen Necessities

Now do not expect to have enough tomatoes for your pasta, at least not immediately. But in a few months, you will have some for your salsa. You will also never run out of your favorite herbs to garnish your meat and salad recipes.

Fresh Air And Surroundings

We have all learned in school that plants purify the air by releasing oxygen and taking up carbon dioxide. Of course, little plants can only do so much. But there must be something about seeing live greenery that makes the area look fresher and more relaxing. That explains why many spas have their walls painted green.


In a highly digital world, most of us relax by watching TV, listening to our playlist or chatting with friends online. Try to tune out for a few minutes and experience the difference of clearing out your mind of thoughts as you cultivate the soil. Refreshing isn't it?

Keeps Bugs Away

Some herbs, such as mint varieties, act as natural insect repellent. No need for chemical-laden mosquito-repellent sprays since plants will protect you and your home from insects. They have a subtle smell too that lessens your need for air fresheners. Now that we have taken a look at the benefits of cultivating indoor plants, here are some things that you should be careful about in order to have a worry-free indoor garden

1. If you have pets at home, plan out how you to prevent your pets from destroying or eating your plants. Train your pets to leave your plants alone or keep your plants in an area not accessible to pets.

2. Not all plants are suitable for indoor gardens so make sure you do ample research as to what is appropriate based on your surrounding and weather conditions.

3. While some plants can grow in small spaces, many of them need enough sunlight so you have to place them near windows and open areas. If this is your first time to venture into gardening, it may help to purchase a book or to enroll in a crash course to learn the basics. Your investment will definitely pay off as your reap (pun intended) the fruits of your hard work.

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